Finding Your Reception Style

No two weddings are the same. While there will be similarities across all weddings, each couple will add their own unique personal style to their special day. This will ensure that their wedding is unlike any other. Generally speaking you will need to determine as a couple how you envision your wedding day will progress and what kind of reception style suits both your personalities.

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It is important that the location of your wedding reception reflect the tone you wish to create. It is wise to figure out what kind of reception you will be having before you decide on a venue or location. This is because it is unreasonable to expect that every venue can cater to your specific requirements. To figure out your wedding style you will first need to determine the formality of your reception. Have you always dreamt of a formal sit down wedding reception with guests sporting long gowns and chic tuxes or does a more relaxed vibe with casual attire appeal to you. While a sit down dinner can be made casual, more often than not this type of reception is associated with formal black tie affairs. Cocktail style receptions on the other hand can easily be tailored to suit a formal setting or one that is more relaxed. Part of making this decision depends on whether you wish to embrace classic wedding traditions, cultural traditions or have a completely modern celebration.

The time of day you tie the knot can also impact on the type of reception you hold. If you will be marrying early in the day, it is quite practical that a casual luncheon or afternoon drinks and canapés will be ideal. Your wedding budget can also influence your reception style. Those with larger finances can afford to fulfil all their desires without the bat of an eye. While for others the costs of catering and venue hire can have a large impact on the style of reception they host.

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In 2014 there has been a push for weddings that embrace food truck catering, food stations or family style feasts. The idea is to have more of a communal/shared dining experience for your guests. This kind of dining style suits a more relaxed ambiance and is perfect for an outdoor wedding reception. It also provides guests with the flexibility of choosing what they would like to eat and allows them to determine when they’re full and if they want seconds or thirds! Cocktail parties can also benefit from having food stations as more often than not most of the food offered can be eaten either sitting or standing.

Aside from food, one other element that can make or break your wedding reception is music. The type of music you set helps to set the scene and create the mood for your wedding. Whether you prefer a band, DJ or your iPod the play list and style of music will greatly affect your guests experience and the course of the night.

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The theme of your reception also plays a big part in how your guests will experience the evening.  For example rustic weddings evoke a charming, peaceful vision as do seaside affairs.  Everything works hand in hand at your reception from the venue location and how you decorate the venue to what type of food is served and how you request guests dress. Each of these elements come together to set your reception style and how your guests will experience your wedding. So it is essential to make sure you have your style in mind and stick with it in making all your reception selections in order to create cohesion.  Lastly, remember to ensure you give an indication to your guests within your wedding invitation or reception card so that guests will know what to expect.


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