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Expert Advice: Kate Hill Flowers Top 5 Picks for Winter Wedding Flowers

In today’s post we bring you advice from Kate Hill, Owner and Creative Director at Kate Hill Flowers on which blooms you should be looking to incorporate in your wedding bouquet this winter.  Located in Prahran, Kate Hill Flowers continue to deliver fresh and flawless floral arrangements for hundreds of Australian brides. They are also the preferred supplier for a range of notable clients including Tiffany & Co, Crown Plaza, Sails on the Bay, Peter Rowland Catering and Bulgari Australia. Check out Kate’s picks below!

winter wedding style


In season from May to October, Kate believes the allure of the tulip lies in its simplicity and natural beauty. The tulip has an abundance of different variations including double fringed and parrot varieties.  Used to make anything from bouquets to table designs tulips come in a range of colour options. This includes an elegant white to brighter yellow, green, pink purple, red orange and a variety of two tones making them suitable for an array of wedding themes and styles.

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Photo Credit: Kate Hill Flowers

Flowering Magnolia

Only in season from August to September, the Flowering Magnolia is one of Kate’s top picks for its rarity. Another major benefit of this flower Kate points out is the heavenly scent it provides, which can transform your wedding reception and create the ultimate atmosphere. Coming in white, pale pink, musk pink and purple tones the flowering magnolia is ideal for a romantic setting. This flower can be used to create beautiful bouquets and breathtaking hanging installations.

Flowering Helleborus (also known as the Winter Rose)

The beauty of this flower for Kate lies in its flexibility to be used both as a flower and as foliage. Available in white, pastel pinks, purples and greens the flowering helleborus has a classic wedding appeal. In season from June to September this flower is perfect in bouquets and table arrangements.


Ideal for winter weddings hyacinths are in season from June to September. The hyacinth has found a spot in Kate’s top winter picks for its ability to be styled as a cut flower and just as beautifully in its bulb form. Used in bridal bouquets and table designs, hyacinths come in stunning pastel pinks, whites, purples, blues and peach tones, ensuring that while the winter weather may be a tad dreary outside, inside can still feel bright and fresh like spring.

winter wedding flowers

Photo Credit: Kate Hill Flowers

Lily of the Valley

Similar to the flowering magnolia, Lily of the Valley is only in season from August to September. Aside from its delicate beauty, the heavenly scent from the Lily of the Valley has ensured this flower secured a place in Kate’s top 5. A little known fact Kate revealed is that it is common for Europeans to give this flower to each other as a sign of friendship. This beautiful meaning only strengthens the appeal of this flower for its use in weddings.  Perfect for bridal bouquets and table arrangements, the Lily of the Valley only comes in white.

To view Kate’s stunning floral works of art and enquire about having her create your floral displays and wedding bouquets head to:  http://katehillflowers.com.au/

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