Engagement Announcements – How Best to Share the News

Your partner has proposed! Now that you have that sparkly new ring on your finger how exactly should you share the news?

While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all and want to immediately update your profile by posting it across all your social media accounts – Stop! Nothing could be worse.

Man proposing to his girlfriend and announcing engagement

Firstly you need to allow yourself some time to savour in the precious moment that is becoming engaged. Once both you and your new fiancé feel you’ve had enough time to enjoy your engagement privately, start spreading the news!

Who should be notified first?

creative ideas to engagement announcement

Close family should be the first to know of your engagement, parents especially. Some old fashioned things never go out of style and the most appropriate way to inform your nearest and dearest is either in person or if need be through a phone call. A great idea is to arrange a lunch, dinner or informal get together where you can let everyone know altogether. This way you can avoid anyone else accidentally letting the news slip before you get the chance.

It also saves you the time of travelling to and from everyone’s houses. If you will be visiting your parents or other friends and family to announce your engagement take a photo frame as a small gift to give them. Then instead of including a picture, include a note that says ‘Place our wedding photo here.’ Your family are sure to adore this cute idea.

Engagement Announcing Etiquette

If seeing all those closest to you in person is out of the question make sure you take the time out to give them a call. Text messages while easier simply aren’t the same. That’s not to say you can’t use a text message to inform others. Etiquette will say otherwise and while it’s not for everyone, we don’t really see a problem in sending a group text message to your extended family or friends. It’s far more personal than them finding out through social media that’s for sure! Your friends and family will appreciate that you took the time out to include them in a special message and will understand that you can’t call everyone – not straight away anyhow.

They will also appreciate hearing the news directly from you as opposed to someone else spilling the beans. You should know your friends and family well enough to know who will be offended if they find out through any other means.

So be sure to have contacted them before you set about informing everyone else.

Creative Ways to Announce your Engagement

Creative photo idea to announce engagement

There are quite a few creative ways to announce your engagement once you’re ready for everyone to know. Sending a formal card announcing your engagement is one of the most traditional but can also be really fun. To modernise your engagement announcements you can include anything from a unique photo to a quirky illustration. Your friends will love receiving a card in the mail. Imagine their surprise at receiving such exciting news in such an unexpected way because let’s be honest who would expect an engagement announcement card in modern times.

Alternatively if you do prefer to do things online rather than just updating your Facebook status or saying ‘We’re engaged’ with the standard picture of you wearing the ring, we’ve found some creative ideas from other brides.

Announcing your engagement could be as unique as creating a slide show or video in the form of a movie trailer featuring photos of you and your partner. It might be a timeline of your relationship which then ends with a message announcing your engagement or a photo of the proposal/ring. Another great idea is to use photos of your family and friends weddings and then put at the end ‘It’s our turn’ or ‘We’re next’. Send your family and friends the link to watch the video and use an enticing title that ensures they’ll watch it.  

Engagement ring with letters spelling out the word love

Get familiar with Photoshop if you aren’t already and recreate a fun movie poster or magazine cover to announce your engagement. Everyone will love the creativeness and individuality. Speaking of photos there are some clever ways you can choose to photograph your engagement ring other than just on your finger. You can photograph it with some scrabble letters, for instance using the ring as an ‘O’ and spelling out the word ‘LOVE’ as pictured.

You might like to place the ring next to a hand written note saying ‘I said yes’ for a personal touch or you could photograph your ring with a string or rope to symbolise ‘tying the knot’. Even something as simple as photographing your engagement ring sitting atop some wedding magazines with a caption like ‘Time to start researching’ or ‘Going to be buying quite a few of these’. You can even take some clever photos to show off your ring which can be incorporated with signs or notes highlighting your engagement.

You might even announce your engagement to come by sending out engagement party invitations depending on how organised you are!

Engagement party invitations, laser cut and silk foling, with envelopes

This doesn’t mean to say that you can’t still photograph your ring on your finger. If you browse online you can find tons of appealing ring selfies that you can easily emulate. Once you’ve figured out how you want to announce your engagement the only thing left to do is to send or post it online.




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