Is a DIY Wedding for You?

Before you get carried away in the excitement of planning your wedding you will need to decide if you are going to DIY anything, what exactly you will be making and how. This is because coming up with wedding ideas on a budget usually involves making items yourself.

Doing it yourself is the easiest way to add a personal and unique touch to your wedding which reflects your tastes and style. Getting crafty can be a great way to cut costs and bond with your groom, bridal party or other family members and friends. Here we share the pros and cons for DIY wedding decorations

diy wedding decorations for bride and groom

Know Your Limitations

If you will be making some items yourself from the outset you will need to be confident in what you can accomplish but also know how far your creative abilities extend and of those assisting you. If you’re not overly crafty making some of your own elements can prove to be difficult, time consuming and costly. So it’s wise to be realistic and honest with yourself before you begin shunning wedding suppliers to make your own wedding table decorations or DIY wedding favours.

DIY wedding ceremony decorations

Create a Plan

Planning is very important to ensuring its smooth sailing in creating and crafting your project. Creating a schedule of when you will make each project and when you want it completed by is essential to ensuring things are not left until the last minute. This of course is pending that you actually stick to it. Organisation will make for a successful DIY project because it can be very easy to run out of time and get quite stressed.

diy projects for outdoor wedding reception

You also need to be realistic and limit the amount of projects you can make within your set time frame. While it will be tempting to want to make everything, there are certain items that should be left to the professionals. Speaking of professionals, always seek out advice whether it’s speaking with a shop assistant, reading forums online or touching base with someone you know who has or regularly undertakes crafts. The more knowledge you have the better, things may appear as easy DIY projects but not everything is as easy as it seems.

Before you begin making items also consider where your wedding is being held. Destination weddings are not ideal for DIY projects when you consider how you will get your items to your venue especially if travelling via plane is involved. Considering how you will store and transport your items once they have been made is vital. You don’t want anything getting wrecked or broken  in the lead up to the big day or in transit. A little forward thinking will go a long way.

diy wedding centrepieces for reception tables

Research before You Begin

Research your DIY wedding ideas and the items required to make them. This way you can work out the costs to see whether you are actually benefiting from making the item yourself. Researching will enable you to source the items more cost effectively and will help you to avoid buying any unnecessary items when at the shops or making purchases online. It’s very easy to add additional items to your cart without realising the cost and whether there is an actual need for that particular item. Keep your budget in mind especially when sourcing materials for your DIY wedding projects. It’s easy to get allured by the top quality materials but if you do, prepare to find out that making items yourself doesn’t always cut costs.

diy wedding ideas for centrepieces

Trials are Integral

Always do a test run, this way you can perfect making the item and time how long it actually takes. This will inevitably help you decide whether it is worth it for you to undertake the DIY project on a full scale. While a test run will help, you should still be prepared for things to go wrong, mistakes or things’ breaking is only natural. Have some extra supplies ready as a replacement because you never know if where you got them from is going to run out of stock or if you won’t have enough time for extras to be delivered. It’s always better to be over prepared.

Outsource If You Can!

diy wedding ceremony decorationsHaving friends or family members help create your DIY craft ideas will allow you to undertake more DIY projects for your wedding. While outsourcing tasks is great, you do need to be mindful when relying on others to make something for your wedding. Do this by ensuring that you are completely happy with the finished item and that it is at the standard you want before they finish the entire project. Also make sure that your helper is prepared to complete the project to a deadline. You don’t want to find out in the days leading up to your big day that they can’t possibly finish in time or that they need help.

DIY bliss is not always the case as Pinterest or other wedding inspiration websites may suggest. Planning a wedding can get a little crazy so be 100% confident you have the time, patience and skill to create DIY wedding decorations before you dive in. If everything outlined in this article sounds like a bit much, then leave your wedding styling and décor elements to the professionals.

Items You Can Do Yourself!

–          Favours

–          Cake toppers

–          Ceremony backdrops

–          Wedding Aisle Decorations

–          Wedding Centrepieces

–          Chair Decorations

–          Wedding Cakes

–          Guest Book

–          Seating Chart

–          Candy Buffet/Dessert Bar



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