Clever Guest Book Ideas to Personalise Your Wedding

One of the happiest days of your life is your wedding. However all brides can agree that it comes and goes within a blink of an eye. As such it’s important to create many memories and collect keepsakes from your wedding so that you can always look back on your special day fondly. One such important memento from your wedding is that of the guest book. Having a guest book at your wedding is nothing new however modern brides are recreating the wheel by overhauling our conceptions of the humble guestbook. For all the creative brides who want a memorable and unique guest book we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular alternatives.

Making a Game of It

Having your guests sign their names and write brief messages on jenga pieces is a clever way to have some fun with your guest book. By doing this, for years to come you and your partner can play a game or two of jenga and look back at what your wedding guests had to say. For styling purposes and to make sure your guests know exactly what to do we’ve seen couples in the past have the following message alongside their jenga pieces ‘Help us build memories’.  Much like jenga, you can also have your guests sign wooden puzzle pieces. It is best if you use blank wooden puzzle pieces that you can pick up at a craft store or online.  You can then store the puzzle pieces away or put the puzzle together and frame it so that it can always be on display in your home. Another fun guest book alternative is to provide your guests with Polaroid cameras. All your guests can then take their happy snaps and write their messages right onto the photo. The photos can then be used to create a wedding album or one of a kind book for you to look back on that truly represents the essence of your big day.

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A Little Something for the Garden

A beautiful take on the traditional guest book is to purchase or build a wooden bench. All of your guests can then sign your ‘love seat’ with their well wishes. A bench is perfect for ensuring every guest has an opportunity to leave you a special message that is not restricted by size or space. The other advantage of using a wooden bench is that it is a true keepsake that will last for years sitting in your back yard.  Friends and family will love visiting your house and seeing your bench on show rather than hidden away somewhere rarely seeing the light of day, knowing that their messages of support and well wishes really meant something to you. Another unique idea is to have an array of pebbles for your guests to decorate with their names and notes. The pebbles can then be scattered throughout your garden – preferably under shelter so as to preserve them. Or you might like to put them all in a glass vase and have them on display in your house.

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The Artistic Couple

A lot of couples are providing their guests with a blank canvas and some paint so that they can stamp their finger prints onto the canvas and sign their names. Some couples will give their guests free reign to mark the canvas wherever they like, while others will instruct their guests to position their finger prints in order to make a picture. A popular image is to use the finger prints as balloons either being held by ‘the couple’ or the even attached to a bike. Another favourite is to construct a love tree on the canvas with finger print leaves as opposed to balloons. Aside from using finger prints, couples can provide their guests with stickers or have the spots already painted on for them to write in their names.  If a canvas is a tad too extravagant to display in your home you can provide your guests with different types of craft paper to write on. You can then purchase a glass bottle and pop the notes inside. Similar to the bench idea, couples have also provided their guests with a blank table cloth and a collection of colourful markers. Guests can be as grand and creative as they like in sharing their congratulations with the newlyweds. Couples have also been known to provide their guests with patches of material to write on, which have then been sewn together to create a truly one of a kind quilt.

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Making Your Guest Book Fun

A lot of couples will personalise their guest book and make it fun for their guests by requesting they do more than simply provide their well wishes, popular requests include asking guests for date ideas and marriage tips. A unique way to present this is to attach tags to keys and have your guests write on the tags. Pair the keys with the following instructions: ‘Share your key to success. To up the ante you can purchase a typewriter, so that guests can type out their messages in a quirky and interactive way. This works perfect for vintage themed weddings and can be sourced online or even at markets. For the super organised bride and groom, file card guest books are a clever way to arrange your guest’s messages. Simply have blank cards for your guests to write their personal messages and instruct them to once they’ve filled out their card to file them alphabetically. So after the wedding and for years to come you’ll be able to easily flip through them all. A favourite amongst modern brides is creating a guest book wall where you have mini envelopes pinned to a wall for guests to put their notes inside and seal. Another fabulous idea is to create heart cut outs for your guests to write on. They can then be stuck to a canvas or board or even framed.

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