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Candy Buffets at Your Wedding

Whether you use the term candy or lolly, bar or buffet one thing is for sure your guests will love indulging in some confectionary treats on your big day. Candy buffets are a fantastic inclusion in your wedding décor for two reasons in particular. Aside from the awe they provide to your styling by helping to bring all your elements together, candy buffets are the perfect alternative for your wedding favours. By placing takeaway boxes or bags next to the buffet your guests can fill up their bags and choose candy that they actually want to eat. The second important reason is that candy buffets are a great way for your guests to mingle with each other. Almost everyone enjoys confectionary and it can be a clever icebreaker amongst your guests as they fill their bags.

While you can choose to hire a company to set up and organise the candy buffet for you – ultimately taking all the stress out of it, you can also make it one of your DIY wedding projects. Money conscious brides can easily craft their own candy bar with the help of their family or friends. For those considering setting up their own candy buffet we’ve put together some helpful tips.

candy buffet wedding table

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Presenting Your Treats

Style your buffet by adding some height and depth to your display.  Consider how you will arrange your candy. An array of different sized jars or some candy in jars while others on dishes or in bowls is a great way to add variety. You can even use stands, books or boxes to sit some of the jars on which will provide the height you need. The key is to make the buffet visually pleasing yet also functional. You don’t want guests knocking over displays as they reach for a candy right at the back.

Incorporating your colour scheme or using colours which complement the colours featured in the rest of your décor is always a great way to coordinate and style your candy.  A cohesive colour scheme can really make your buffet pop. You don’t however have to stick to the one tone, a combination of different shades of purple can be more appealing than using the same purple throughout. If you are having a simple, classic wedding style don’t stress that you have to use bright colours to have a stylish buffet. All white candy can be just as effective and tasty! If you fear your buffet might make your wedding look childish opt for a monochrome display which can be rather elegant.

Dressing your table is equally as important as the candy itself in terms of décor. Starting with the linen you can opt for a clean crisp white table cloth, a patterned design or a sparkly cloth to ensure your table truly stands out. You should decorate your table to tie in with your theme. For example if you are holding a vintage inspired wedding antique photo frames, candle stick holders, vases and books will be right at home on your buffet table.  You should however keep in mind that the saying of less is more always reigns true so avoid going over the top with your styling. Adding balloons or tall vases with flowers or candles can provide the height as mentioned earlier. While personalised tags are a must! Each candy should have a label identifying what it is, even if it is extremely obvious. Your tags can easily be made and can incorporate your wedding date, names or initials for a sweet touch. If you’ll also be having a drink station it is important to create some cohesion with your buffet so that they match.

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 The Candy

When it comes to sourcing your candy, you should do your research and find warehouses that sell in bulk in your area. Alternatively try browsing online as you can sometimes find some good deals. If you give yourself enough time to set it up you may even stumble upon some good specials from your local supermarket.

Your candy buffet doesn’t have to be limited to candy; chocolates, fruit, nuts and desserts are all popular inclusions. You need to however consider when you will be tying the knot and the weather associated with that time of year because we all know chocolate doesn’t do so well in warmer temperatures.  Your choice of fruit might also be limited by the time of year and what is in season at that time.

There is no general rule as to how much to buy, some guests will take more than others and some might not take any at all. It’s best to buy enough that your jars can be refilled at least once. It’s a good idea to nominate someone as your candy bar attendant whether it is a bridal party member, a friend or someone working at your reception venue. Your attendant will then be able to ensure your candy buffet is kept neat and full at all times. The only other way to keep it neat is to request that guests not collect their favours until the end of the night.

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The Containers

There are some important considerations you need to make when selecting what will hold your candy. Glass jars are the most obvious choice however you can mix it up by opting for vases instead. Like glass jars, vases are inexpensive and can be sourced from a range of locations in an array of sizes and shapes. Cake stands, plates, trays and serving dishes can also be used to create the depth that was mentioned earlier.

Functionality is an important factor to keep in mind when selecting your jars and vases. How will your guests get the candy out with ease? Most jars have small openings so your tongs and scoops should be small enough to fit inside the jars so that your guests can still manage to scoop out candy even if the jar is almost empty. Have your larger jars filled with easy to remove candy. Normally the larger items should go inside the larger jars while anything which might pose difficulty should go to the front.

If you will be using your candy buffet as your wedding favours consider how your guests will take their treats home.  Gift bags are a great option, as they can be sourced easily at affordable prices and don’t take up too much room. Your bags can be personalised by printing or stamping on a sweet thank you message, your names or wedding date, as well as by adding a gift tag.  Gift boxes are also a handy way for guests to carry their gifts. Mini take away style boxes are especially popular. These can be personalised with stickers and gift tags.

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