Budget Friendly Wedding Tips

We’ve put together a collection of some money saving strategies for all the savvy brides and grooms because who said you have to go into debt for your wedding!

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Our first top tip is to give yourself an adequate amount of time to plan your special day. This will allow you to benefit from having the luxury to properly research and compare prices so that you can make better informed decisions and not always go with the first option. Sometimes the first option may be the best, but it’s always better to know for sure. With time on your side you will also be able to visit wedding expos where suppliers offer exclusive promotions to all attendees. Another trick is to follow the social media accounts and sign up for the newsletters from suppliers and vendors you are interested in. This can help you score great deals when they have promotions running. If time is on your side you can wait and see if any of these exclusive deals pop up before you need to commit to an order or contract.

When it comes time to lock in your wedding suppliers make sure you schedule your day wisely. Do this by maximising the hours you have each vendor i.e. your photographers, videographers, planners and transportation. Negotiate in their contracts their hourly rates if this is how they charge and designate when exactly you will need them so that you don’t end up paying for them to just stand around. Always negotiate rates and costs, it doesn’t hurt to ask. One suggestion you can make to cut costs is to offer to provide your vendors or suppliers with feedback. This can be through writing reviews or referring customers, use this as a bargaining tool to receive an added discount on your order.

Cutting down where you can has to be the number one thought for budget conscious brides. To start with you need to sit down with your fiancé and work out what elements are not essential to the success of your big day. If you view something as an ‘extra’ and don’t think it’s a priority than scrap it. You might find that you have money left over in the budget after securing all your big ticket items, if this is the case then you can reconsider if you want that particular element as part of your day. Another clever effective cost cutting idea is to downsize your bridal party. Fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen equal fewer costs.

Holding your ceremony and reception at the same location is both practical and cost effective. You’ll save on site fees as well as transportation costs you would have incurred for between venues. Also consider tying the knot outside of peak wedding season such as during the winter months, this will see your venue and other supplier costs dramatically decrease.

DIY wedding projects are always a clever way to add a personal touch to your big day while slashing prices. Our tip is to DIY what you can and where you are confident. Don’t try and be a super bride and take everything on tap into your resources, you never know what hidden craft talents your friends, family and work colleagues might possess. One DIY project that even the least artistic of brides can pull off is that of a DIY photo booth. Perfect for couples who have their heart set on one but can’t justify the rental fees.

To decorate your wedding reception and ceremony opt for less expensive blooms. You’ll find the cheaper counterparts to your ideal floral arrangement can still look equally as beautiful. Using candles to bulk up your centrepieces instead of flowers is a handy cheaper option. Plus who doesn’t love the romantic ambiance that candles create. Get the most out of your flowers by having your florist create arrangements that can be used at both your ceremony and reception. If you don’t have a wedding planner/stylist enlist a friend or relative to transport the flowers from your ceremony to the reception. You can also repurpose your bridesmaid bouquets by incorporating them into your reception styling.

If you’re having children at your wedding negotiate their meal prices with your caterers and request food that is lower in costs, kids are far easier to satisfy. For your drinks package stick with beer and wine, perhaps even add one or two signature cocktails to please the masses and add some variety.

While everyone loves to marvel at a grand multi-tiered wedding cake they simply are not always feasible. So instead opt for a smaller single tier cake and then provide guests with a dessert table which can easily be done cost effectively. Having your family and friends bake some of the treats will save on your spending and your guests are sure to love the home made goodies. Alternatively you can choose to go with a traditional candy buffet instead as you can purchase lollies in bulk for reasonable prices. A candy buffet can then double as your wedding favours by providing guests with boxes or bags to fill and take home with them.

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Speaking of wedding favours, allocate the time to sourcing something affordable or offer them a homemade batch of a jam or conserve or you can even present a candy buffet to keep costs down. You can also cut down quantities and costs by offering couples a favour to share between the two of them as opposed to one each.

These tips are just a handful of some of the tricks you can implement when planning your budget friendly wedding.

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