Bridal Flowers: What Do Your Flowers Mean?

Before you begin planning your wedding bouquet based on what you find most aesthetically pleasing you should know what your favourite wedding flowers symbolise. Dating back to the Victorian era when public displays of emotion were frowned upon the language of flowers developed as a means for communication.

beautiful bouquet of bridal flowers

Each wedding flower thus has its own meaning associated with it. Along with what types of wedding flowers you select the colour of the flower can also have its own specific meaning.  While we wouldn’t suggest taking the meanings too literally it’s fun to know and can help you decide on the ideal flowers for your bridal bouquet and wedding flower arrangements.

close up of brides wedding flowers

What the most popular wedding flowers symbolises:

Baby’s Breath – Represents innocence, a pure heart and happiness.

Calla Lily – Magnificent beauty and refinement.

Carnations – Each colour carnation has a slightly different meaning associated with it. White equals pure love while red symbolises a deep love and affection.

Chrysanthemum – Wealth, abundance, truth and everlasting.

Daffodil – Unrequited love and regard.

Dahlia – Good Taste, Enduring Grace

Frangipani – Shelter, Protection, Special message of the future.

bride holding striking wedding flowers

Freesia – Trust

Gardenia – Purity and Joy

Hydrangea – Understanding

Iris – Hope and Wisdom

Orchids – Love and Beauty

Peony – Happy Marriage

Rose – A red rose symbolises passionate love, while a white rose is said to represent pure love and a combination of red and white rose depicts unity.

Stephanotis – Symbol of Marital Happiness

Tulip – A red tulip represents a declaration of love while a yellow tulip symbolises hopeless love.

close up of vibrant bridal bouquet

Wedding flowers to stay clear of based on their meaning:

The meanings behind the below flowers aren’t typically the kind of symbols brides will want associated with their big day!

Christmas Rose – Scandal

Lavender – Distrust

Yellow Carnation – Disdain

Yellow Lily – Falsehood

Yellow Rose – Jealousy

Hopefully now you can be confident in both the look and meaning behind your bridal flowers!


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