6 Common Mistakes Brides Make When Wedding Dress Shopping

Brides often dream of finding their perfect wedding dress however translating this dream into a reality isn’t always simple. So we’re counting down the top 6 mistakes brides make when they hit the wedding dress shops!

bride wearing wedding dress

1. Limiting the amount of people that go with you to pick out your gown is essential. Brides commonly bring too many, which means too many different opinions. Brides should instead opt to take less than 5 wedding dress shopping. You want more than one person as you still want varied tastes and responses. It is important to only bring people whose opinion you trust, people who you know will provide you with honest opinions on the dress and are not afraid to tell it like it is.

bride wedding dress shopping

2. Avoid shopping too early! This is because as you get closer to your wedding date you may find that you are no longer in love with the style of dress you purchased or that that dress does not fit with your wedding theme or location. You should only begin bridal dress shopping once you have set your wedding theme and selected the ceremony and reception location so as to ensure your dress style suits both. You also should avoid visiting bridal stores until you are ready to make a purchase. This way you will avoid any confusion and will be able to make a decision quicker. Visiting prior might encourage you to question the dress you intend on getting or see you visiting more wedding dress shops than necessary which can lead to confusion on what wedding dress styles you actually like.

bride browsing gowns at wedding dress shops

3. Don’t let discounts influence the dress you choose. While you can stumble upon some great finds at sample wedding dress sale or end of season sales you can also end up with a dress you don’t actually love. Or worse still one that is damaged or needs to be altered in some way which can often cost as much as buying the dress full price from the start. Only by sale if you are certain it is the dress for you, it fits almost perfectly (a slight alteration has to be expected) and you have ensured there is no damage or cleaning needed.

4. A big mistake many brides make is trying on dresses that are outside their wedding budget. This is a big no – no unless you have some flexibility in your budget. Trying on a bridal gown you can’t afford can you leave disappointed in the dresses that are within your price range. A way to avoid this is to make sure the stylist helping you select gowns is fully aware of your budget so that they don’t encourage you to try on more expensive gowns or have you try them on before telling you the price. When it comes to your wedding dress keep in mind that alterations will result in extra costs on top of the dress price.  So if you have $3000 to spend on a gown don’t aim to spend the whole $3000 – accost for alterations that will inevitable need to be made to ensure the gown fits you like a glove!

shop assistant taking measurements of wedding dress styles

5. If you are not feeling 100% in love with a dress or feel you are getting pressured in some way by the stylist or your entourage it is completely fine to go home and sleep on it. You can then decide if it truly is the dress for you. If you find your mind keeps wandering back to that dress then go back at a later date and make the purchase. If your heart simply isn’t in it, continue the search. Only you will know when you’ve found ‘the one’. There may not be a ‘aha’ moment or tears but there will be a level of comfort and confidence that will overcome you and that is what it is all about at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a gown from high end wedding dress designers with a price tag to match or affordable wedding dresses such as pre loved gowns what matters is how you feel when you’re in it.

bride trying on bridal gown

6. Lastly don’t try on too many dresses – trying on too many can get overwhelming and cause confusion. You might lose sight of your vision or forget which dress it was that you liked best. As a general rule don’t try on any more than 10 gowns.  Of course if you go into a bridal store with no idea on what silhouette you want, than the first few dresses you try on will be less about the dress itself and more about the cut so you can find what flatters your figure best.

We hope our list of the top wedding dress shopping mistakes brides make will help you find your dream wedding gown with ease!


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