5 Attractive Wedding Destinations in Southeast Asia

A wedding ceremony is certainly one of the most special occasions in your life. Therefore, the wedding destination should be as exotic and unique as possible. If you agree, and can afford it, here are some amazing places in Southeast Asia you can take into consideration. The islands and beaches included are located in the Maldives, Philippines, Thailand, India, and Cambodia. For all who have been thinking about places like this, here is a list of selected wedding destinations made especially for you:

Song Saa Island – Cambodia


Song Saa Island – Cambodia

This is the first wedding destination we recommend. Located in one of the most beautiful parts of Cambodia, Song Saa is a private island located in tranquil Koh Rong Archipelago. This is a perfect destination for all couples who have dreamed about an outstanding place for their special day. This is the chance of a life time that you don’t want to miss. If your budget lets you look at places such as Song Saa, then don’t think twice and book it at once, you won’t regret it.

Filitheyo Island – Maldives


Filitheyo Island – Maldives

Filitheyo is a paradise on earth, located in the Maldives. Boasting colourful vegetation and an exceptional comfort, this island is just made for celebrations such as wedding. There are more than 100 wooden villas with palm tree roofs on the island, so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Feel the nature of the Filitheyo island while celebrating and enjoying one of the most beautiful days in your life.

Boracay Island – Philippines


Boracay Island Philippines

The atmosphere on the Philippines islands is certainly worth seeing and feeling. This country has some of the most attractive places in the world, according to many interviews. Not only will you encounter friendly and joyful people, but also the exhilarating nature and sites. Organising a wedding celebration on the Boracay Island is possible for almost anyone, regardless of the budget.

Goa Beach – India


Goa Beach – India

Goa is a set of islands in India where everyone can relax and enjoy. There venues range from simple huts to luxurious villas on the island. This island comprises of several beaches that are all attractive and unique in their own way. If you are looking for a secluded and uncrowded place to organise a wedding ceremony, then some of the Goa islands might just be perfect for you.

Ko Phi Phi Don – Thailand


Ko Phi Phi Don Thailand

Ko Phi Phi is one of the islands in Thailand that is rapidly growing and developing. As some call it, it’s “a hedonistic paradise” where you can experience some of the most beautiful moments in your life. Imagine spending your special day on Ko Phi Phi island, surrounded buy untouched nature and relieving fresh air.

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