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5 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

So your partner has just popped the question and you said YES! You might have been waiting for this exact moment or been caught completely off-guard, either way once you manage to peel your eyes off your sparkly new ring we’re sure you might be asking yourself what now? So we’ve put together some helpful hints so you know exactly what to do next.

Share the news

In the midst of all the excitement that is getting engaged you might be tempted to post your special announcement on your social media accounts straight away, one word of advice – don’t! We can guarantee that none of your immediate family nor closest friends will be impressed reading your exciting news online. Take the time once you begin to come back to reality, to call those who matter most to you. While some people may think sending a group text is also inappropriate, we disagree. Your family and friends will be glad that they were handpicked and included in your special moment, and will understand that you want to bask in this moment with your new fiancé rather than calling everyone you know.  Once all those who might be offended by not hearing about your engagement directly have been contacted, feel free to spread the news on your social media accounts and be sure to include a photo. Everyone will be dying to catch a glimpse of your new bling!


Engagement ring



Insure your ring

Once everything has settled, it’s time to insure your ring. If something was to happen to your ring, you will want to know that it won’t result in money being wasted. We recommend if you already have house insurance that you simply add it to your policy. Your insurance company may request an official appraisal of the ring so keep this in mind.


Let the planning begin

So you’ve shared the news and insured the ring, let’s get celebrating. Planning your engagement party should be fun, so take the time to discuss with your fiancé exactly what you both envision. Whether you’re hosting a relaxed casual affair or a more formal cocktail reception, first things first you will need to set a date and organise some engagement invitations. Traditional etiquette suggests that your engagement party should be no later than 3 months after the proposal, however this isn’t always probable so don’t stress. We simply recommend you should endeavour to make it as soon as possible, you want the engagement to still be fresh in your guest’s minds.


Engagement Invitations


Start saving

After you’ve had your engagement party it’s time to think ahead and start putting money aside into a wedding fund. This will help you prepare for when the time comes to organise your wedding and will help you avoid paying for a lot of things with credit. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding or something grander there are loads of costs involved and having a little money already saved will go a long way.


budgeting for wedding


Seek Inspiration

Now it’s time for the fun part, sourcing inspiration. This can start as soon as that ring is on your finger but is better left until after your engagement party. Buy a ton of bridal magazines, watch some soppy wedding movies, browse online and get swept away by all the different wedding styles and themes.




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