5 Spectacular Wedding Cakes & Decorations

Wedding cakes have always been one of the most inspirational elements a wedding. They are symbol bearers and traditionally relate to a bride’s virginity (hence the predominant white colour) and her purity. A common belief is that everyone consuming the cake will ensure the bride’s fertility. Before the cake is served to guests, the couple should be the first to eat a piece which symbolises their unity and everlasting love for one another.

Cakes & Decorations

Cakes come in various shapes and styles: heart, square, round, multi-shape, cupcakes, etc. They may also come in different colours and themes: spring, beach, floral, monogrammed, elegant, modern, etc. Here’s a list of several truly spectacular cakes that will take your breath away:

Flowered Wedding Cake


Spectacular Cake Decorations #5

This an excellent example of a multi-shaped cake. It is wonderfully decorated and looks just amazing.

Glorious Beginning Wedding Cake


Spectacular Cake Decorations #4

The title of this cake says it all. This is really a glorious piece of art that will leave you speechless.

Hobbit Wedding Cake


Spectacular Cake Decorations #3

For all fans of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s fiction, here the perfect cake for your wedding. This is also great for couples who like less traditional cakes.

Chocolate Wedding Cake


Spectacular Cake Decorations #2

This is a classic style cake covered with creamy chocolate. It both looks and tastes sweet.

Crystal Wedding Cake


Spectacular Cake Decorations #1

When it comes to the limits of creativity, there are obviously no boundaries. This crystal cake is definitely one of the most interesting and stunning cakes ever.

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What did your wedding cake look like?
What is the most amazing cake you’ve seen on a wedding?

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