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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting Married In Winter!

Most brides wouldn’t dare dream of holding a winter wedding because well what could possibly be worse than having your special day ‘ruined’ by rain. However as the weather in Australia becomes more unpredictable with the defined start and end for each season beginning to blur, holding a winter wedding starts to seem a little more enticing.  At least this way you’ll be prepared for the rain as opposed to those who marry in December expecting guaranteed sunshine and instead being met with showers.  Alas this is not the only benefit of marrying in winter there are actually quite a few reasons that will you make you reconsider your dream wedding date.

 Catch a Bargain

Off- peak season means off peak prices. Holding your wedding in winter provides you with more scope to negotiate with your vendors and haggle down the initial quotes they provide you with. You might even find that the starting prices they offer are quite lower than they would be had you been tying the knot in say January. A lack of brides during off peak season means that your wedding vendors will also be more inclined to strike a deal with you in order to keep you as a potential client. While this won’t work for all vendors, it is always worth asking your vendors and suppliers for a better price and shopping around. You will also find that off-peak also means sale time. So don’t be afraid to scope out supplier sales, you never know you might pick up some great pieces for your table décor or even bridesmaid dresses at half the price, as designers and suppliers make way for new season stock.

Greater Options

The winter months provide you with more flexibility in selecting and securing your ideal wedding date due to the lack of competiveness. You will also find it a lot easier to secure your dream venue on your preferred date in winter. This flows through to all your vendors, suppliers and even your celebrant as there are more openings in their schedules for you to pick and choose from. As opposed to the summer months where you might find yourself missing out on certain venues or suppliers because they are already booked.


Winter Bride_with_Parasol-_Amarella


Superior Photos

Some of the best wedding photographs you will find have come from dull rainy days. Dark grey skies can create a dramatic back drop for your photos to contrast with your striking white dress. While the lighting provided can be simply divine, helping colours to truly pop. You can also have fun with it and embrace the weather by adding props such as umbrellas or parasols. You might even like to don a pair of gumboots for some unique wedding dress shots. Let’s not forget the potential for sunburn, sweat and squinting eyes will also disappear.


Flower Power

The high humidity in summer can often cause your flowers to dry out and begin to wilt during the course of your wedding day. On days of extreme heat your bouquets might not even make it to or through the ceremony without looking a little less than fresh. However during the cooler months your flowers will flourish in the colder weather and will maintain their form throughout the day.


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Makeup that Lasts

Not only will your flowers appreciate the cooler weather, your face will too. A common issue for summer brides is tackling the heat and its effects on makeup a la smudging and fading foundation dilemmas.  Winter brides however don’t have to fear their foundation melting away, with their makeup looking fresh and flawless for a lot longer with fewer touch ups required. What’s not to love about having makeup that stays!

While there are certain elements that will only work for a summer wedding and you may have to change your vision, we think winter weddings are sounding quite appealing. Imagine not having to share your day with someone else or not having guests that can’t attend because they have something else on. So why not take advantage of the low off-peak prices, greater range of options and lack of competiveness that comes with a winter wedding.






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