Wedding Thank You Cards

Express your gratitude with our beautiful Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding Thank You cards are the perfect way to thank all your guests that have taken the time to attend your special day.

It is considered a customary wedding tradition to send a thank you card, to express your gratitude towards all your guests for sharing in your wedding celebrations and thankfully you don’t have to wait until after the wedding to organise them.

In fact, they can quite easily be added when you order your invitations so that you have the matching set and don’t have to worry about organising them after the wedding.

If you’re concerned about personalising your cards, ensure you leave space in your wording and layout to add your own text to tailor each card for all of your guests once the wedding has occurred.

As a general rule, your thank you card should thank everyone who attended your wedding as well as all those who gave you a gift. To make organising your thank you cards stress-free, we’ve ensured each exquisite wedding invitation has a complementary thank you card available.

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