Save the Date Cards

Save the Date cards you cannot resist

Save the Date cards are the ideal way to notify all your guests about your upcoming nuptials long before they receive a formal invitation.

The main purpose for sending out Save the Date cards is to make sure your guests are notified as early as possible to allow them an ample amount of time to make the appropriate arrangements in order to attend your wedding. Save the Date cards also ensure your guests are able decline other offers they may receive for the same date.

A rather new wedding tradition, it is vital to send a Save the Date card if you intend on holding a destination wedding and travel will be required or your wedding will fall on a public holiday, weekday, during peak wedding season or the majority of your guests are from out of town.

Save the Date cards can be sent a year or longer in advance to the scheduled date of your wedding and usually contain minimal information. Your card will primarily include the date and location of your special day.

Each of our Save the Date cards are matched to one of our beautiful, handcrafted wedding invitation designs. This will ensure you achieve consistency in your invitations style, look and feel. We also have matching accessory cards to ensure you can complete your stationery set with ease.

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