Rating and Product Review

Want a $10 discount on your invitations? Simply rate and review your experience with us

We would love to hear your feedback on your recent purchases by sharing your review on our website. It will only take a few minutes of your time and for your efforts we will provide you with a $10 discount, redeemable on your next order with us. We look forward to reading your responses.

+How do I write a product review?

To submit a product review, click 'Write a Review' from the bottom right hand side of the product page. Once you've logged in, simply fill out your details, give the product a star rating, and click submit. Once you have submitted your review your discount code will be emailed to you.

+How do I receive the discount coupon for my product review?

Once you have submitted your review, you will be emailed the $10 discount code which is redeemable on your next order with us.

+How come I can't see the review I've written on you website?

Your review may not appear on our website straight away, however you will receive your discount code immediately.

+I have ordered multiple products do I need to review them all to receive $10 discount?

If you have purchased an invitation and matching accessories or multiple invitation samples in your order, there is no need to review every item you have ordered. A review for one of your products is satisfactory. Simply place a review on the product page for one of the items you have received, once this is complete you will be provided with a $10 discount for your efforts.