Artwork Creation, Personalisation Process & Printing Methods

Frequently Asked Questions

+Will you charge me extra for artwork creation, personalisation and printing?

No - the cost of our invitations is inclusive of the personalised layout by our professional design team and printing, among the range of other free extras (such as envelopes and foiled seal stickers). Additional costs may be applied if the revisions of your digital proof exceed the 3 complimentary proofs we offer.

+Will you create the artwork with my personalised details, and what is the process?

We will create the artwork (digital proof) with the personalised details that you have provided us with during the ordering process.  When ordering your invites through our website, select the 'personalise now' option and add your wording to the nominated field for wording, and follow the prompts - you will be required to select fonts and colours among other personalisation options or you can simply leave the default designers recommendation in place which will be what is pictured on the website.

As part of the ordering process you may leave comments and instructions for our designers if you have any specific requests.

Once your order is received, our designer will apply the most suitable layout and communicate with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the layout and design of your order prior to proceeding with printing.

+What if I require different types of invitation wording?

We are able to have two artworks/ two sets of wording for your invite at an additional cost of $20 per artwork required. The extra fee covers the cost of additional print plates that need to be created, as well as the designer’s time to organise and design additional proofs.

+Can you print in a foreign language, and how do I provide my wording?

Yes, we can. You are able to use any language including foreign characters within your invitation, we will assist you with this as best we can.  However, as we may have no understanding of the content of your invitation it is best to be clear about the layout of your wording and ensure that you have checked carefully for grammar and spelling mistakes. 

When providing us the artwork in foreign language, please use industry standard software such as MS Word. You will need to provide us with the source (MS Word) file, along with the font(s) that you have used in the document. For assistance, contact our design team and they can provide you with all the details.

If you would like some invites in English and the rest in another language we will need to create two artworks for your order and as such you will be charged accordingly at $20 per additional artwork.

+Can I view my digital proof before placing an order?

Unfortunately no, before the layout and design of your personalised wording can be commenced by our designers, your order must be received and paid in full.

+Can you use fonts that are not listed in the customisation process?

Yes, if you give us a name of the font so that we can obtain the font for use.  You can write the name of the font in the comments section during the personalisation process of placing your order online, to do this please list both the accent font and the main font you would like us to use. 

+Can you print images on the invites?

Yes, we can print images on the invite. Please note they will need to be of high quality, 300pi or higher.  Depending on the image, we may need to change the type of printing to accommodate for the inclusion of images, from thermographic (raised ink printing) to digital or offset printing.

+Can you print a directions/ location map?

Yes we can print a map onto your invite, this howeved does depending on the quality of the map you send us.  If it is below 300pi then we may need to have one of our designers draw the map out for you and we may need to change the type of printing that we use to accommodate for an image (from thermographic to digital printing). You will be able to attach your map to your order for our designers during the customisation process.

+Can you print guest names on the invitations?

Yes, we are able to print guest names on our invitations however this is only available on a selected range of invites due to their design. To print guest names on our invitations we will need to change our printing method from thermographic (raised ink) to digital (flat) printing. Please note that an additional fee will apply for the inclusion of guest names on our invitations. This fee covers our cost for creating multiple files for the proofing process.

Giant Invitations will provide extra invitations at no cost to all orders that have guest names printed. The quantity of these additional invitations will represent 5% of the number of invites you have ordered.  Giant Invitations is supplying these invites to cover for any damaged items or any issues that may occur during production and transit. The extra invites will be printed with your wording excluding the guest names and with lines left in where you can hand write your guest names. If you continue to order invitations with printed guest names on your invitations you agree to use the extra invitations as replacements.

Alternatively as a more economical option, we can leave a line in where your guest names can be handwritten in by yourself or a professional calligrapher. If you would like to go ahead with the option of leaving a line, simply mention this in the comments to designer field during the personalisation stage of placing your order online. We can also print guest addresses onto the front of each envelope. This is available during the envelope personalisation section when you submit an order.

+What printing processes are being applied?

We use a number of printing processes, such as thermography (raised ink) printing, digital and offset printing. The print process used for your invite will depend on the product you have chosen, you will be able to see which type your invite will be printed by on the product listing page.

+What is thermography printing?

Thermography printing is a process in which we create plates that are coated with hot, thick ink and pressed onto the paper stock/invite.  This gives the final product a luxurious feel and a raised ink finish.  We have five different colours to choose from as part of this particular process.These colours are black, wine red, brown, grey and Persian blue.

+What is Digital printing?

Digital printing is a printing process that does not use plates in order to print onto the medium.  It results in a glossier finish and we are able to use more colour choices as it prints directly from the digital image.

+Can I print on both sides of the invitation?

On some products we are able to print on both sides, we do however charge an additional fee of $0.50 per card for this service. The invitte will have to be printed using digital printing method as thermography will damage the invite. We generally do not recommend this option however in the product listing you can see if this is available on the particular invitation design you have chosen .

All Accerssory cards can be printed double sided, they will be printed using the digital flat printing method, and will cost an additional $0.50 per card.

+Can I have two sets of wordings or multiple artworks for my invites?

Yes, we are able to print multiple artworks with different wording as part of the one order.  However, we will charge an extra $20 for each additional artwork as we will need to make two templates (digital proofs) and in most cases two plates to print the designs.

+How closely can you match colours?

Colours can vary depending on the media (on- screen, printed colours), and Giant Invitations will not take responsibility for colour matching. Given the nature of the printing processes, it is not possible to match a colour exactly and colour variation may occur. An acceptable variation in colour shade, tone and opacity is up to 20%.