Payment Options, Refunds and Cancelation Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

+What Payments do you accept and how do I make a payment?

We accept PayPal, EFT and credit card payments for all orders.

EFT takes longer than other payment methods to clear through our accounts so it will take longer for us to process your order if you choose this payment method.  The process of an EFT payment will normally take 1-2 business days before it will clear into our accounts.

+Can I cancel my order after ordering?

You are able to cancel your order before we have sent you a digital proof.  If we have already started working on your digital proof(s)we will charge a $50 cancellation fee and refund you the remittance.

+What is Giant Invitations privacy and security policy?

Customer privacy is important to us. All personal information is kept confidential and is not sent to any third party. Please view our ‘Privacy & Security Policy’ for more information.

+Is my Credit Card Secure?

Yes, we use Secure Pay (which is a service provider affiliated with Australian Post) or PayPal for credit card purchases.  We will not have access to your full credit card details and we are only able to obtain funds with your authorisation. 

+Under what circumstances am I eligible for refund or reprint?

Giant Invitations will provide a refund or reprint for the product at our own cost if a production error has been made, such as faulty print work, blurred lettering, insufficient ink application or mistakes in the hand assembly.

If the layout is different than the approved digital proof, or we have delivered a product different from the one you ordered we will provide a reprint or a refund.

*Colours can vary depending on the media (on- screen, printed colours), and Giant Invitations will not take responsibility for colour matching. Given the nature of the printing processes, it is not possible for us to match a colour exactly and as a result colour variation may occur. An acceptable variation in colour shade, tone and opacity is up to 20%.