Wedding invitations with gold foiling, laser cut and emboss elements

Our Advanced Techniques

Giant Invitations Advanced Production Techniques

Foil Stamping

Foiling is a process which involves heat and pressure application of the foil area onto the paper stock.Foil stamping is an ideal special effect that will impress your guests with its luxurious appeal. Giant Invitations use a variety of foiling processes and a range of gold, silver and other metallic foils in a range of options such as matte or gloss finish - are at our disposable arsenal when creating the right impression for you.

Silk Screening

We use a woven silk mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The affixed stencil forms exposed areas of mesh that allows ink to transfer into the material. A roller is moved around the screen stencil, pressing ink past the threads of the woven mesh in the exposed areas. Silk printing ink sits right on the surface of paper, resulting in incredibly rich, vibrant colour.


Stylish Embossing effect can make your invitation outstanding, professional and when applied with style it is nothing short of impressive. Giant Invitations apply the latest in embossing effects that allows for very tight patters and shapes to create striking visual textures and the right impression when touched.

Variety of embossing techniques have been applied in our selected invitation ranges, these include blind embossing, emboss/ de-boss effect among others.

Swarovski Style Crystals

When it comes to charming your guests, hand assmebled jewels tend to sparkle in the light. This gorgeous finishing device is sure to embellish your invite and impress your most unimpressionable guests.

To view our selected luxury range of wedding invitations that feature Swarovski style crystals, click here.

Pearl Accessory

Pearl accessories are amongst the most popular wedding invitation decorative devices with Australian brides and couples. Selected range of our invitations featuring hand assembled man made pearls, which create understated elegance and make our invitations shimmer above the rest.

Ribbon or Bow Decoration

Another popular finishing device are ribbon and bow decoration, that create substance to the invitation and stylishly decorates the invitation.

Laser Die-Cutting

Laser Die-Cutting is one of the latest technological advances in die cutting shapes and textures out of paper stock. As opposed to traditional die cutting, (that relies on creating a metal die), laser die cutting process allows for much tighter, smaller shapes and precise patterns and textured die cutting finishes.

Thermographic Printing

Thermographic printing process uses heat application on the paper that achieves a raised finish of the lettering imprint. This special print process results in most professional look and a perfect finish for your invitations.

Digital Printing

Digital printing process enables customised printing methods, where we can include your own personalised images or emblems. Our digital printing equipment is world-class, ensuring maximum richness and vibrancy of colours, tones and shades.