Proofing and Artwork Creation

Frequently Asked Questions

+How do I approve the invitation artwork?

The invitation artwork (digital proof) will be uploaded to your account on our website, an email will be sent directly to the email address that you have provided us with to inform you that your artwork is available for viewing. Please ensure you check your junk email folder to ensure that you receive the email and view it in a timely matter, missing this email can delay the proofing process and subsequently the turnaround times for your order.

+How long does it take to receive a proof?

You will have your first digital proof within two business days of placing your order if you have selected an instant payment method.  If you have selected EFT this may take a day or two longer as we will need to wait for the funds to transfer before our designers can create your proof.

+Can I make changes to digital proof?

Yes, you can request changes to your digital proof. We offer up to three digital proofs complimentary with our service.  If our team makes a mistake we will not include this as one of your three free digital proofs.  If you require more digital proofs beyond the three complimentary proofs offered we will charge you an additional $20 for any artworks past the three digital proofs to account for our extra time and cost.

+How do I ensure there are no mistakes on my invitations?

Make sure you double check your wording for correct dates, spelling (including names), grammar and punctuation. Always have someone you trust also look over the proof as they will have a fresh set of eyes and may be able to pick up on any errors you may have missed. Once you have approved the digital proof we are unable to change your artwork and we will not be responsible for these mistakes.

+How do I track the ordering process?

You will be emailed regular notifications in regards to what stage your order is in.  You may also track this in your My Account Area on our website.

+How does my Account Area work?

The My Account Area enables you to look at what stage your order is in and also view your most recent digital proof(s).  You are also able to leave comments and communicate with the designers about your order.