Complementary Envelopes

Frequently Asked Questions

+Are envelopes included in the pricing?

Yes, envelopes are included in the pricing of all invitations. You will receive the same number of envelopes as per the order quantity of your invitations. During the personalisation process, you may order extra envelopes should you require any extra or as a preventative measure just in case you mispell any names or make any mistakes when addressing them. A small cost will apply depending on the number of extra envelopes you choose.

+What are your envelopes like?

Our envelopes vary depending on the invitations you are ordering. We stock envelopes  which are luxurious in style, made from quality paper stock and come with a silver lining on the inside for a sophisticated presentation. 

+Do RSVP Cards come with envelopes?

Yes - RSVP cards come with free envelopes; the quantity of the RSVP envelopes will be matched to the quantity of RSVP cards you have ordered. 

+How can I view samples of envelopes?

You may request a sample envelope by including a comment when you are ordering invitation samples. We will include a sample envelope at no cost.

+Can you print sender's address on the envelopes?

Yes, we can print the sender’s address. For RSVP envelopes the senders address will be printed on the front of the envelope (as the RSVP cards are being returned to the sender.) For your wedding invitation envelopes, the senders address will be printed on the back flap of the envelope. Should you require we can print 2 different senders, depending on the party that is sending the invitations out - for example, the groom’s family and the bride's family may require different sender addresses to be printed on envelopes.

Printing of the sender's address is charged at an additional cost which will be applied to your order.

+Can you print my guest list on the envelope and how do I provide my guest list?

We can print guest addresses onto the front of each envelope. 

Take care when completing our Guest Address Template. It is important to follow all instructions provided within the template, giant invitations are not responsible for any print errors that occur due to the template being completed incorrectly. 

Please note that the giant team do not proof envelope printing for spelling errors or formatting. 

Once completed it is important to upload the file via your customer account, before approving your order for print.


+Will you insert the invitations into the envelopes?

No - the envelopes will be provided separately, and you will be required to insert the invitations into the envelopes yourself. The reason for this is so that you can check the invitations, and include any personalised information.

+Do I have a choice of choosing an envelope?

On a selected range of invitations, you may be presented with a choice of different envelopes. An extra cost will apply when you choose to upgrade the envelopes from the standard style we supply.